holidayshow2016-01Throughout the month of December, work by our studio potters and teachers will be on sale in the La Mano gallery.

And don’t forget the party!
Friday, December 16th, 6–8:30

Participating artists:

Alex Salzberg
Amy Klein
Beatrice Wolert
Bob Pesce
Cayden Belzig
Claire Hammock
Cynthia Smith
Dan Halm
Dave Hollingsworth
Diane Waller
Helane Bronfeld
Ilona Kaim
Jesse Pape
Jessica Haselkorn
Julie Hadley
Karen Eigo
Laurie Ross
Linda Eaton
Marge Lurie
Melissa Green
Natalie Karl
Nicole Donnelly
Nicole Rose
Peggy Clarke
Raffaela Vergata
Tae Kim
Tantika Tivorat
Teresa Ok
Tessie Nam